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চোঁখের সেই মায়াবী জলে ভেজায় লেখা একটি বাস্তব সত্যতা!

I think every human being has his parents contribution behind his success. In particular, without their support, prayers can not bring success in life. On the other hand, We live in that society, people here will not see your talent, they will ridicule your bad / weakness in front of you. They will not support you, they will try to drag you down.

In this situation, parents should reassure and support their children. Only then will the boy be able to move forward, ignoring hundreds of obstacles, motivated by the hopes of their parents.

But what if it is? There is no one to support a man, and what his parents do not want him to understand. They son also has talent in any subject, they don’t want to understand it. They Compares their son with other boys. Nothing can do by their son. They even wonders, why God gave her this incompetent boy. Such a thing is often said in front of the boy.

In this situation, What will be the mental state of the boy?

The boy then became frustrated. He can no longer think like a normal person. Every moment he starts to break down thinking about the future. And if no one is by his side at this time, the life dreams of a golden boy may end.

– Written with a boy tears.

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